About Alokdhara


PACTAI is a registered society under 12(A) of the Income Tax Act and is also exempted under sec 80G of the same Act. Parent Circle Time Autism Identified [PACTAI] was registered as a society in June 2008 and brought together parents of Autistic children essentially to help them deal with their ‘special’ situation of being parents of special children. The concept of a support group for those mothers and fathers who are still learning about and coping with their Autistic child is not common in India, though the need for such a forum is beyond doubt. Alokdhara began as such a forum and has now expanded into an inclusive school. One of the first events we organised was a seminar on Autism by one of the leading activist-researchers in the field, Dr Stephen Shore, himself a high functioning Autistic.


ALOKDHARA today is an inclusive Montessori school that strives to provide children over two years of age with a foundation that they can build on as they engage with this increasingly complex world of ours, be they special or regular children.


Krishna Roy, President, Parent Circle Time Autism Identified

Our vision however is not limited to the rented space Alokdhara currently occupies. We at PACTAI have set our sights on an integrated facility for management of Autism that will include a school, respite centre, a hostel, clinics for child psychology, occupational therapy, speech vision research and development, remedial centre, academic wing etc. A centre like this has not yet been implemented in eastern India and indeed in the country and would go a long way in addressing a highly neglected issue: that of caring for society’s special children after their carers have passed on leaving the children highly vulnerable and alone in world that has little time for them. It’s a painful truth that needs confronting but we hold out hope that at least a few influential stakeholders from our society will come forward to shoulder this responsibility. This can often be an unsung cause but India cannot hope to evolve into a modern nation if we do not have empathy for those who need it the most. Special children across the country deserve such empathy.