Skill Training


Alokdhara has now expanded its engagement with Autistic children into running a skills training centre for young adults. These young adults come under the category of persons with learning disabilities, mental retardation, Down’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder among others.

The Challenge

We at Alokdhara find that when these special children step into adulthood they have little employability or even apprenticeship-worthiness because our education system, for structural reasons (large population, too few jobs), delivers only in a strait-jacketed manner that counts university degrees as the only qualifications. There are hardly any schools with pre-vocational facilities to address the needs and abilities of special young adults. A few schools do offer Open Basic Education or NOIS but needless to say this has hardly enough. More importantly these young adults need to be taught life skills that we take for granted regular, typical students will learn in the normal course. Given their intellectual and emotional profiles this is not something we can take for granted for special young adults. Teaching these skills requires active intervention and engagement and this is what we provide in our skill training unit.

Alokdhara Skill Training Unit

Alokdhara Skill Training Unit for Young Adult provides a range of skills which could guide them towards some future livelihood.
Skill Training Center for young Adults

  • daily life skills
  • money management / shopping
  • survival skills with real life experience
  • making handicraft with beads
  • cooking and bakery for self-reliance
  • developing concept for public and private once they reach adolescence period
  • speech and communication
  • occupational therapy

Our training is conducted by skilled and competent Special Educators /Occupational Therapists/ Speech Pathologists.
Contact: Alokdhara, Parent Circle Time Autism Identified
Contact no: 9230080215 9830085660 9903845071